What happened to the online headline vending service? Can I still buy individual settings?

Due to overwhelming customer demand, we’ve decided to gradually make all Photo-Lettering alphabets available as conventional retail digital fonts.

Where can I buy the Photo-Lettering fonts?

We’re glad you asked. Select Photo-Lettering fonts can be licensed at houseindustries.com.

Wait, not all of the Photo-Lettering alphabets are available as fonts? What gives?!

All of the present Photo-Lettering alphabets will eventually be released as retail fonts through houseindustries.com.

When will my favorite Photo-Lettering font be released?

House Industries will release one font approximately every month. Join the House mailing list to find out when your favorite is available.

Will multi-layer Photo-Lettering styles be adapted to work as fonts?

Many multi-layer alphabets will continue to work in the retail font versions. However, since each layer requires its own separate font, more complex layered styles have been simplified.

Can I license a Photo-Lettering font before it’s released?

Sure. Drop us a line and let us know what you’re looking for.

I had a Photo-Lettering account. What do I do now?

If you haven’t already been contacted, please click here to send an email to House Industries.

What about web fonts; will they be available, too?

Yep. Customers will also be able to license web versions of the Photo-Lettering fonts.

Can I still use the Photo-Lettering app?

The Photo-Lettering app for iPhone is still available. Presently, however, it will not be regularly updated.